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E.S.M.Canada is the official Canadian representative of ALGARVE YOUTH CUP. We offer a turnkey program without worry for parents and clubs!

In addition, we also organize trips to Europe to give our players the chance to participate in the trials for professional clubs and soccer academies. This offers an opportunity for players to experience a unique experience in foreign countries. In addition, testing abroad is important in the development of the player as it faces new methods, a new environment and a new routine.

E.S.M.Canada contributes to shine the talent from here to international. The school has the impact on the players of:

  • Develop the elite from their young age.

  • Discover their talent through an unforgettable journey.

  • Valuing their skills.

  • Realize the importance of working harder for better future success.

  • Flourish through soccer.

  • Enrich his resume.


Our team accompanies you in all the steps of program participation, supports you with a training program for an international tournament and advises you on your fundraising.


It is important for both the child and parents to learn about the school's code of conduct.

Code of Conduct (Players)
Code of Conduct (Parents)

It is important that all parents fill out the travel authorization form if your child is a minor.

Movement authorization for minor child

In addition, here is a letter to complete and give to your child's school to motivate his absence during the international tournament in Europe. Take note that we offer periods of study to allow young students to do their schoolwork.

Absence School Motivation - International Tournament

E.S.M.Canada is at the heart of your athlete's development!

Thanks to our partners

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