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Who are we

ESM Canada is a successful non-profit sport organization that gives young soccer players the opportunity to compete in high-level international tournaments.

ESM Canada was founded in 2010. Its president and founder, José Luis Timoteo, has been able to rally, over the years, an experienced team of business volunteers, technical director. Together, they believe that any child who is passionate about soccer deserves to live up to his potential.

"My goal was not just to provide young people a place to play soccer, but also a place where they can train with an European working methodology that would allow their development of high-level athletes who could compete with the biggest players in the sport world's elite".  - José Luis Timoteo

The school offers young soccer players refresher programs to help them develop their technical skills, but also to achieve personal success by improving self-esteem, self-confidence and social integration.

The values ​​of perseverance, respect, discipline and surpassing oneself are therefore at the heart of the organization's philosophy. These values, coupled with a European working methodology, have a positive impact on players.


ESMCanada pays particular attention to the participation of international competitions. Indeed, it offers the opportunity for players to experience an incredible experience in foreign countries where the passion and importance of the ball is greater than that found in Canada. Also, the importance of traveling and competing with foreign clubs gives players a greater chance to be seen and learn from a separate soccer.

        Year              Event                                  Country
        2010            Mundialito Tournament          Portugal
        2011           Mundialito Tournament           Portugal
        2012            Mundialito Tournament          Portugal
        2013            Gothia-Cup  Tournament        Sweden
        2014            Mundialito Tournament          Portugal
        2015            Mundialito Tournament          Portugal
        2016            Mundialito Tournament          Portugal
        2017            Mundialito Tournament          Spain
        2018            Mundialito Tournament          Spain
        2019            Youth Cup Tournament          Portugal
        2020            Youth Cup Tournament          Portugal


ESM Canada places great importance on player testing with one or more international teams as this plays an important role in their development. Essays abroad enable them to reach their full potential by facing new game methods, a new environment and a new routine. They become more confident as an athlete. Indeed, integration into a team, training and system not only allows players to expand their knowledge, but also allows them to compare and improve their game level. Athletes can be sent to any divisions, either to the first, second or third national division as to the first or second distrital division, depending on their ability and preparation.

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